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So what are our services? 

      We believe that an experience, a brand, or a photo starts from the ground up. Our goal at Babble House is just that. We look to provide individual services like headshots, portraits, a living room design, or a logo design. But we also do larger scale projects whether it's an entire home remodel, restaurant remodel, or building all of your services from the ground up. We can build your brand, your interior space, and photograph it as well to make sure that your entire company is cohesive. 

     Take a look at our individual service pages to see what we can do for you! Don't see something that fits what you are looking for? Give us a call and we can see if we are the right fit for your project! Let's give them something to Babble about! 

Cody Moore
Interior Designer, Photographer, & Owner

     Everything is an experience. Every atmosphere evokes a feeling. I will never forget walking into the Double Tree hotel in NYC and being absolutely blown away by the design. It is a feeling and an experience that I will never forget. From that point on I knew that I wanted to create environments and spaces that are memorable and make you feel.

     My name is Cody Moore and I am the owner of Babble House. We are a full service design house focused on interior design, photography, and graphics. I graduated from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design. After graduating I went on to work at Hirsch Bedner Associates, the number one leading hospitality firm in the world located in Atlanta, GA. I was lucky to be able to work on projects not only here in the United States, but projects across the world and work with clients like Hilton, Ritz Carlton, and more. Interior Design, Photography, and Graphics are my passion. 

Where are we located?
West Point, MS

We are located in West Point, MS! However, we operate anywhere within Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Georgia. Have a project outside of these states? Give us a call and we can discuss if the project is right for us. 

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