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Hotels to Visit After the Pandemic!

Here we are, a year into this pandemic, and let me tell you, I am itching to travel. I am sure there are many of you out there that can’t wait to travel to your next destination. Prior to starting my business, I worked as an interior designer designing hotels. There is something so magical about staying at a hotel, and I was so lucky to be able to help craft those experiences for travelers like you. So, I decided that I would share with you all some of the top boutique hotels that I personally want to experience after the pandemic, and I am sure you guys would love too.


STYLE: Something Beachy

HOTEL: The Wayfinder


Who doesn’t like a beach getaway? The beach is somewhere that I can always go to de-stress and enjoy some time away from the “real world”. The Wayfinder Hotel in Newport, Rhode Island has that beachy vibe but puts a big vintage twist on it. Vibrant colors, rattan furniture, coastal patterns, and vintage elements greet you as you enter the cozy lobby. Reunions Goods & Services, the designers of the destination, wanted to create the feeling of the ocean without cliché nautical elements.

A restaurant named Nomi Pack is located within the hotel serving coastal bites and laid-back cocktails. There is also The Café and The Poolshack to curb your appetite for when you are enjoying a book in the lobby, or wanting a little drink by the pool. (That’s where I will be!)

The rooms at The Wayfinder are refreshing, energizing, and full of fun design elements. From the rattan details throughout the space to the blue handcrafted tile in the showers, these guest rooms will definitely provide a space for you to recharge after a long day at the beach.

To book a room head to their website:

*All photos were sourced from The Wayfinder website*


STYLE: A City Experience

HOTEL: 1 Hotel Central Park

LOCATION: New York City, NY

Looking for a nature inspired retreat in the heart of New York City? Look no further than 1 Hotel Central Park. Designed using all reclaimed materials, this hotel puts eco-friendly design at its forefront. After spending your day and night in the concrete jungle, this paradise allows you to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax during your downtime.

Feeling hungry but don’t want to go out into the city? Enjoy a bite from Jams café or grab a fresh snack from the Farmstand in the lobby. Brick elements throughout the dining area bring the city inside, and create a rustic dining experience. You can also enjoy in-room dining and weekend brunch.

The rooms at 1 Hotel Central Park are compact, but the way they use the space is a stroke of genius. The natural elements are carried throughout the rooms with reclaimed headboards and plants that line the windows. Most the rooms boast a comfy window seat where you can enjoy a book or cup of coffee in the morning.

To find out more or book a room head to:

*All photos were sourced from the 1 Hotel website*


STYLE: Mountain Escape

HOTEL: Scribners Catskill Lodge


Winter in the mountains is nothing short of magical, and hiking in the mountains during the summer is one of my personal favorite things to do. Scribners Catskill Lodge in Hunter, New York allows for both of those experiences due to its perfect location. They describe it as your, “Basecamp to the great outdoors.”

The clean and contemporary design of the lodge creates a unique experience for a mountain getaway. Light hardwoods, Aztec patterns, and black metal elements come together to create a unique atmosphere tucked away within the mountains. You can relax by the fire or enjoy a gorgeous view of the mountains. Prospect is the restaurant located at the Lodge and throws a twist on the local cuisine.

The guest rooms at Scribners provide a wonderful place to relax when you aren’t exploring. Vintage rugs and Aztec throw pillows bring a unique life to the rooms. One of my favorite amenities of the guest rooms is that some have fireplaces. Who wouldn’t want to warm up by their own personal fireplace after a long day of skiing?

To find out more or book a room head to:

*All photos were sourced from the Scribners Catskill Lodge website*


STYLE: Desert Oasis

HOTEL: The Joshua Tree House


For my last pick, I chose a smaller more unique hotel experience in the middle of Arizona. The Joshua Tree House is a 5 suite inn bordering Saguaro National Park in Tucson, Arizona. Designed by Sara and Rich Combs, the inn boasts rich terracotta colors, clean white plaster walls, and wooden beams making it feel like the perfect adobe getaway.

There are five different rooms/suites to choose from: The Agave Suite, The Saguaro Suite, The Cholla Room, The Ocotillo Suite, and The Yucca Room. These rooms provide you a unique experience depending on the option you choose. With advance notice you can also rent out the entire property making it ideal for a family retreat or wedding party.

To find out more or book a room head to:

*All photos were sourced from the 1 Hotel website*


After writing this, I am even more excited to be able to travel and explore once the pandemic is over!! I hope this helps you get some travel ideas flowing, and gets you pumped to do some traveling. Michael (my fiancé) and I are planning on traveling to our favorite spot this summer: MAINE! The lobster rolls and mountains covered in blue berries are calling my name!

If you have any questions about other hotels feel free to reach out! Make sure to give us a like or follow on Instagram and Facebook. Also, subscribe below to get weekly newsletters with updates on blogs, Monday Mood Boards, and other exciting things. HAPPY TRAVELING!

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