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Welcome to Babble House!

Welcome to Babble House!! I can't believe that I am finally making this announcement. I have been working on my new business for several months now, and the idea of everyone knowing is SO exciting. It has been hard not to Babble about it! I am sure you are wondering, "What in the world is Babble House?"


What is Babble House?

Babble House is a full service design studio that focuses on interior design, photography, and graphics located in West Point, MS! I knew that I wanted to start my own business, but I had a hard time deciding exactly what I wanted to do because I have many passions that I love to explore. First and foremost, my main passion and training is in interior design. My second main passion is photography. I started doing photography when I was in high school. Graphic design is something that came along with the other two. I really see it as a bridge between interior design and photography. Without a knowledge of graphic design, how am I supposed to sell my interior projects and photography? I believe, when you combine these 3 things, they become a very powerful trio!

One of my main goals of Babble House was to create a business that could be used for its individual services, or those services could be bundled together to create a cohesive brand. For interiors, we can do something as small as your bedroom design all the way up to a full home remodel, restaurant design, or small business design. For photography, we can do portraits, weddings, interior shots, or corporate headshots. For graphics, we can design invitations, logos, and photoshop editing. Does your business need all of the above? We would love to build your brand from the ground up with graphics, interiors, and photography. We are here to fit exactly what YOU need. For more information on our services and work examples, go check out our individual services tabs above! Interested in contacting us about a photo session or project? Give us a call or email.


Who am I?

My name is Cody Moore, and I am the owner of Babble House. Growing up in Clinton, Mississippi, I always enjoyed redecorating and redesigning my bedroom as a kid. From a swimming themed room to a NASCAR themed room (Scary right?), I would always want to change the way my room looked. Skip to Freshman year of high school, where a trip to New York City fueled my passion further. We stayed in the Double Tree Hotel, and I will never forget experiencing how it felt to walk through this immaculate lobby. This was the moment I knew that I wanted to learn more about interior design and make it a career, but I never really had anyone to push me into it. During my first year at community college, I lived in a house next to my grandmothers. I was lucky enough to be given the chance to paint the walls and decorate it how I wanted. One night my grandmother came over and gave me the push that I needed. She was the one who said, "You should do interior design!". So, that is when I made the jump and applied for interior

design school at Mississippi State University.


Let me tell you design school is not for the weary. There were many late nights, lots and lots and lots of coffee, and plenty of quick trips to Cookout at 2 A.M. Interior design isn't just picking a pretty paint color and throwing a cute pillow on the sofa. Interior Design is the specialized knowledge applied to the planning and design of interior environments that promote health, safety, and welfare while supporting and enhancing the human experience. We create construction documents, schedules, budgets, renderings, and much much more! After a rigorous few years studying at MSU, I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Interior Design in 2018.

Immediately after design school I received an internship at Hirsch Bedner Associates. I graduated on a Friday and was in the moving van driving to Atlanta, GA the next day. HBA is the number one hospitality design firm in the world, and I could not have been more excited to begin learning about hotel design with the best in the industry. After completing my internship, I got hired full time! It gave me the amazing opportunity to work with Ritz Carlton, Hilton, and other top name hoteliers. The knowledge that I gained and the friends that I made while working at HBA are irreplaceable.

That's when 2020 hit (DUN DUN DUN). I am sure you are aware that one of the hardest hit industries was the hospitality and hotel industry. With that came projects going on hold, and next thing I knew, I was furloughed.... for 11 months. At the beginning of the pandemic I decided to move back to West Point, MS to live with my fiancé. This gave me tons of time to think about what I wanted to do with my future. In the beginning of the pandemic I entertained the idea of my own business, but it was a little premature. After a few months I began to think more about it, and eventually, my excitement built so much that I decided to throw myself into it and go full steam ahead. I am beyond ecstatic to shake up the design atmosphere here in Mississippi and the South. I want to give everyone something to Babble about!


In addition to Babble House, I will be doing weekly blogs on The Babble Blog! Every other week will be a personal blog about what is going on in my life, and on the weeks between those, I will be posting a blog that introduces you to lifestyle info, products, food, drinks, interior decor, styling, and all things that I love and want to share with all of you! I will be discussing some of my favorite hotel designs, best coffee brands, ways that I stay destressed, and many other topics! Starting next week, I will launch "Mood Board Mondays" to give you fresh inspiration every Monday! You can follow these on my Instagram and Facebook Page. Have a topic you want me to discuss? Send those ideas my way!


I am beyond excited to finally get to work and see my business up and running. If you have any questions about Babble House, please reach out! If you are interested in any of my services, you can call or email me. My contact information can be found below or on the contact section of my website. While you are at it, make sure to give my Instagram and Facebook page a follow! This is where you will find all of my latest content. I am looking forward to hearing from you!

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