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Welcome to our new office!! (Well, new to you. Haha.) We finished our office space a few months ago but I am just now getting around to sharing it with everyone! We had so much fun putting this space together and making it somewhere we can work, relax, and have people stay over! We wanted to create a moody and cozy space that felt different but not estranged from the rest of the rooms in our home. The aesthetic of a space is extremely important, but functionality was a much larger hurdle for this project. Not only is it our office and guest room, but it is where Michael stores all of his camera equipment! Storage was on the top of this list when it came to the furniture in the room. So how do you put all of this into one 10’ x 10’ room?? Lets take a look:

We started by giving the room a newer moody wall color called TEE SHOT by Sherwin Williams (HGSW2251). We didn’t want it to be too glossy so we went with a flat finish. We also gave the trim a touch up and the floor a nice polish! Just this made the space feel completely different than before.

Michael had this gorgeous desk that he recovered from an old law firm that was closing back in 2010. He had it in his old office but moved it to his house when he closed his storefront. The coolest feature is it is an old typewriter desk that opens and closes to hide what used to be a typewriter. Now we use it to conceal the keyboard, mouse, and any loose papers keeping the top of the desk nice and tidy.

We really wanted to use as much of the wall space as possible for art, books, and other knick knacks we have collected over the years. We also wanted the space to feel like a library or gallery. We centered the desk on one wall and used the shelves to disguise our computer monitor! Doing the shelving custom let us create our own shelving configuration to fit our space. The shelves were made from white metal wall brackets and wood purchased from Lowe’s! We measured, cut, and stained the wood. Then we used a Rustoleum brass paint on the brackets to achieve a brass metal finish.


Over the seating area we created a gallery wall where we could hang some of our favorite art pieces we have collected over the years. This gives guests something to explore and enjoy while staying over! Do you ever have trouble trying to figure out the configuration of an art wall?? Use paper!! Cut paper into the same size of each piece and use this as a template for the layout! Check some of our favorite pieces on the gallery wall and where they came from:


So who wants a big bed taking up space in their office? Not us! This was the trickiest part of this space. So the hunt began for a sleeper sofa that doesn’t that take up half of the room and also aesthetically works with the scheme. In comes the Friheten sleeper sofa in Hyllie beige from IKEA! This gorgeous sofa not only fit the ticket but didn’t cost a fortune at $600! The best part is it converts into a queen size bed!

The chaise side of the sofa also opens to provide extra storage for Michaels equipment. We thrifted the perfect chest from an antique store in Atlanta giving us more even more hidden storage!

While we were in Atlanta we also found a brass and opaque glass pendant light to hang above the sofa. In West Point, we found an antique metal bracket that we used to mount the light to the wall. This lights up the gallery wall, but also creates a cozy ambient light above the sofa for reading.


When we don’t have guests over, this is the perfect spot to lounge, watch a movie, or read a book. Next to the sofa we have a cart with a record player, and an array of vinyl selections. We also have a TV and surround sound system which makes the perfect spot for movie night!! We are not completely finished with the TV wall yet. We want to add a shelf above the TV for more artwork and space for plants.

We are also still searching for a new decorative wood office door with opaque glass that gives it the perfect entry from the hallway. Another unique aspect of the office is the door that exits outside. So if guests need to leave or get something, they can leave without going through the house.

So that’s our new office!! This space has been so enjoyable throughout the past few months, and we can’t wait to have more people over to enjoy it. It was so much fun putting it together and seeing the ideas come to life!

Next weeks blog is all about the best indoor plants, how to care for them, and how to use them in your space! I truly believe that no room is complete without plants. Want to support Babble House and the Babble Blog? Give this post a share, like and follow our social media pages listed at the bottom, and signup for our weekly newsletter! Are you ready to redo your space or remodel your home? Contact us and we can get you setup for a design consultation! I would love to make your house feel like a home.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Cody

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