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PHASE ONE Discovery Call 

This is where we get to discuss the project and get to know YOU! We will figure out what kind of design services you need. Once we get to know what you are looking for, we will move ahead to the Step Two which is the Design Consultation 
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PHASE TWO Consultation

This is where we begin to dig into what you are wanting. During this consultation, we discuss the design direction that you are wanting to go in. This prepares us to create a concept package later on that will determine the overall direction of your space. We will also walk through your space and discuss what you are looking for and your design style. Then we will discuss how our pricing works and get to work on a contract for the project. Once the contract is approved we will proceed to Concept Design!    
This is where it gets fun! We will create a design presentation that provides multiple design options for your space. This process is super collaborative so we can get a good idea that we are heading in the right direction. Are you ready to see what your space could look like?  

PHASE THREE Concept Design


PHASE FOUR Design Development

This is where we hit the ground running. Once you have picked a direction, we create what the final design is going to look like. During this step, we will create a presentation that shows you everything from the finish materials to the furniture. We are hands on people, so get ready to touch and feel the materials that will be in your space. Once you have approved the final design, we get to work on finalizing the construction documents and ordering the fixtures, furniture, and finishes.

PHASE FIVE Construction & Procurement

This is when the design starts to come to life! We will make sure that all parts of the design are executed between all disciplines involved based on our design intent. This is where we make sure that everything is coming out exactly like we planned. Sit back and relax as we watch the design begin to unfold. 

PHASE SIX Installation & Walkthrough

This is where we install all furniture and accessories and bring everything together! The design is almost complete! We will make sure that are details are finalized and that you are happy with the final product. Does this excite you? Then contact us to get started! 


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